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Date: 25. 4. 2024 / Hour: 19:00

International Symposium on the County of Gorizia and Count de Baguer (part 2)

The Gorizia Museum, together with the Municipality of Brda and the Musei Provinciali di Gorizia, in the framework of the project DeBAGUER&MUŠIČ - New museum collections at the castle of Dobrovo / Nuove collezioni museali al castello di Dobrovo, is organising an international symposium on the theme of Count Silverio de Baguer and the Gorizia-Gradiška County at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century.

Count Silverio de Baguer (1838-1927) became the owner of the castle at Dobrovo and of the villas in Gorizia and Blanquizzo by his marriage to Cecilia de Catterini. The life and, above all, the activities of this internationally renowned and renowned diplomat require in-depth knowledge and research. The symposium will therefore seek to shed light on the personality of Count de Baguer and the economic, cultural and social circumstances of the Gorizia-Gradisce county where he lived and worked after his marriage in 1872. In order to make the symposium accessible to a wider audience, the symposium was divided into two thematic parts, which will take place in the form of an evening event at Villa Vipolže. The lectures will be simultaneously translated into Slovenian and Italian respectively.

Part 2: Count Silverio de Baguer and Goriška brda, Vila Vipolže, 25 April 2024 at 19:00

Alessandra Martina - La raccolta museale del conte Silverio de Baguer (The Museum Collection of Count Silverio de Baguer)

Tanja Gomiršek - The transformation of the manors of Dobrovo and Blankiž into a modern economic establishment under the leadership of Count Silverio de Baguer

Uroš Lavrenčič Mugerli and Alenka Kozič - The Association of Colonists and Smallholders of Fojana

Andrejka Ščukovt - Valuation of the Settlement Heritage in Brda

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