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Date: 23. 6. 2023 / Hour: 21:30

Piccolo Opera festival – L'ammalato immaginario

The Piccolo Opera Festival, the only cross-border opera festival that brings opera and vocal music to the most suggestive, historical residences in the area, takes place in the area of ​​Goriške Brda. Operas and concerts in charming settings are stages of the itinerary between sounds and tastes, with tastings in harmony with the contents of individual events.

Vila Vipolže, June 23 at 9:30 p.m

L'ammalato immaginario

Director and scenographer: Filippo Rotondo

Costume designer: Ilaria Papis

Soloists: Eva Corbetta, Gabriele Ribis

Go! Borderless Orchestra

Conductor: Eric Foster

The performance of the opera "The Imaginary Patient" by 18th-century composer Leonardo Vinci is a tribute to the 350th anniversary of Molière's death. The director and conductor are artists under 35: Filippo Rotondo (who graduated from the Verona Opera Academy) and Eric Foster (who graduated from the Alla Scala Theater Academy). The young artistic team will offer an original and innovative reading of the opera in the style of the TV serials that brought dramatic masterpieces to Italian homes in the 1950s and 1960s. The "Imaginary Patient" takes place in this case on a television set in the 1950s, during the filming of Molière's masterpiece, which further increases the comedy of Vinci's work.

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